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Items are shipped out within the first 5-10 business days of receiving your order. Please note everything is made carefully by hand. I appreciate your patience and can always expedite orders if needed. 

I am a one woman operation so occasionally orders may be backed up due to a sale or large volume of orders at once. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need an ETA on your order!

Shipping is FREE and included in the cost of all items to keep things simple, with the exception of returns and exchanges. 


I truly hope you love your jewelry. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please notify me under Contact Us and we can go from there. 

Items may be exchanged if you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 10 days of receiving the item. Please let me know if you received them as a gift and from whom as long as it is within 10 days of receiving it. US Domestic Shipping Fees will apply at $5 per item for exchanges.

*there are no returns of exchanges


Earring & Necklace Care - To avoid oxidizing your earrings or necklace, do not expose earrings to water, steam, sweat, or store in direct sunlight. Always store jewelry in a dry, sealed bag away from the elements.

All necklaces are made with high quality gold plated/fill or sterling silver/plated chain, wire, hooks, and clasps. These necklaces are made to last for years with proper care. Refrain from wearing in the shower, river, ocean, or storing in constant sunlight. However, if worn in the ocean or river just be sure to rinse in fresh water (and dry) directly after!

All metals develop a natural patina over time, and the process will accelerate when exposed to water/steam/sweat on a regular basis. If you like your pieces to remain super shiny, my absolute BEST recommendation would be a jewelry polishing cloth. There are tons of different ones available online, super affordable and will wipe off any darkening and renew the piece to its original shine. To use a polishing cloth, simply rub the affected area, making small circles, until renewed to desired shine. Do not re-use polishing cloths that have darkened. These cloths are good for brass, sterling silver, and gold pieces. Do not use on gemstones. 


For our Planet - All my orders are shipped in recycled paper mailers and reused bubble wrap. I do my best to source nearly all materials from US based companies, local businesses, and small time crafters. I am always seeking good sources of vintage stones/beads, ethically mined & cut stones from the US, and foraged objects that can be turned to jewelry. Please pass any sources or ideas my way if you have them! Always keeping an open mind…


Custom Orders - Please reach out via email if you’d like to discuss some custom design work!

Gift Cards - Please email me under Contact Us if you’d like an electronic or physical card & box.

Wholesale Inquiries - Please email me if you're interested in carrying my products.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

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